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2787RSSt. Louis County$49,000BOOK STORE with ON-LINE StoreView
2786KKSt. Louis City$1,999,999One of the biggest alternative nightclubs in the Midwest with 3 bars and 21,000 sq. ft. of space.View
2785RJGreater St Louis Area$89,000Gorgeous Italian Deli in wealthy business districtView
2784DKSt. Louis County$149,000Profitable Indian Restaurant for Sale!View
2783DKMetro St. Louis$999,000Very Profitable Specialty Excavation Business!View
2782DWSt. Louis County$105,000Auto Detailing & Auto SalesView
2781JBMetro St. Louis$109,000Banquet & Event Center GREAT High Visible LocationView
2779PLMetro St. Louis$99,000Lucrative gold, coin and jewelry; owner financing & training.View
2778SNCentral Missouri$185,000PRICE REDUCED Home Improvement Co.View
2777DDMidwest$1,499,000Restaurant/bar/brewery/caterer/distributor w/REView
2776JBRelocatable$1,700,000Highly Profitable Service Company. Growth Opportunity!View
2775SNSt. Louis County$849,000Profitable Local Transportation CompanyView
2774DDSouth County$249,000Laundromat with drop off service.View
2773JBMetro St. Louis$2,500,000Specialty Demolition Contractor / High RevenueView
2772RJGreater St Louis Area$169,000Bar, Restaurant, Night Club for sale in busy district!View
2771JBMetro St. Louis$99,000Big Four Franchise Motorcycle Dealer for QUICK SALEView
2770KKGreater St Louis Area$1,500,000Niche Construction based transportation service serving the Saint Louis Metro area.View
2768DKSt. Louis County$495,000Highly Profitable Niche Retail Business!View
2767DKSouth County$179,000Profitable Nail Hair and Spa for Sale!View
2766BRMetro St. Louis$250,000Hibachi Restaurant/ Liquor/ Steak HouseView
2765RSMidwest$450,000Convenience store W/ Real Estate Available (Rural)View
2764DKWest County$79,000Profitable Custom Framing Shop for Sale!View
2763DDWest County$69,999retail clothingView
2762KKSt. Charles$69,000Equipment Sales and Rental Store with Real Estate available View
2761BRMetro St. Louis$199,000Bar Grill/ Night ClubView
2760JBKKMetro St. Louis$4,950,000Iconic Food Beverage & Entertainment Business PROFITABLEView
2759BRWarren County$185,000Building Inspection CompanyView
2758DKSt. Louis County$79,000Long Established Florist and Gift Shop For Sale!View
2756RSSt. Louis County$129,00035 YEAR OLD LANDSCAPING BUSINESSView
2755JBSt. Louis County$200,000Specialty Construction Type Co. Mostly Commercial View
2754JBMetro St. Louis$1,590,000Profitable & Growing HVAC Heating & Cooling CompanyView
2753BRSt. Charles$50,000Coffee shop/ Smoothie Shop/ Tea Shop/ Mall KioskView
2752BRJefferson County$406,000Medical practice/ General Practitioner/ Internal MedicineView
2751KKMetro St. Louis$1,399,000Sports bar with real estate included with sales over 1.7 million a year.View
2750RSSt. Louis City$109,000Wood Fired Pizzeria View
2749BRMetro St. Louis$150,000Full service Automotive repairView
2748BRSt. Louis County$100,000Franchised Full Automotive repairView
2747BRSouth County$80,000Franchised Automotive service/ Full-service Automotive repairView
2746BRMetro St. Louis$330,000Full service automotive repair shopsView
2745RJGreater St Louis Area$422,000Profitable Income property commercial/residential in hip tourist district for sale!View
2744BRRural$1,100,000Grocery Store/ Convenient Store/ Liquor Store/ Deli/ Meat/ Produce/ Lottery Incl. REView
2743JBSt. Louis County$59,000Growing Residential Cleaning Company Maid ServiceView
2742DKSouth County$299,000Profitable Multi Bay South County Car Wash for Sale!View
2740BRIllinois$969,000Grocery Store/ Liquor Sales Incl. REView
2739BRCentral Missouri$90,000RestaurantView
2738KKSt. Charles Co.$125,000Saint Charles County Breakfast and Lunch Cafe.View
2737SNRelocatable$300,000Fabrication - Sales - Distribution of Unique ProductView
2736JBSt. Louis County$395,000Niche Transportation, Brokerage & Logistics Company View
2735KKIllinois$149,000Sports bar and grill with Video gaming.View
2734KKIllinois$125,000Restaurant and bar with video gaming in place.View
2733DKSt. Louis County$199,000Profitable Lawn Care Business for Sale!View
2732DDSouth County$399,000Home ImprovementView
2731DWGreater St Louis Area$1,280,000Tree Trimming & RemovalView
2730BRSt. Charles Co.$95,000Local Favorite Home style breakfast and lunch RestaurantView
2729SNSt. Charles Co.$95,000Specialty Automotive Repair Shop View
2728DWGreater St Louis Area$720,000Equipment Sales & RepairView
2727KKWest County$164,900Breakfast and lunch cafe located in West county.View
2726RJWest County$39,999Hair Salon - right price, right size in West County - for saleView
2725JBSt. Louis County$359,000PROFITABLE Tree Removal & Trimming BusinessView
2724DWNationwide$349,000Online Liquidation BusinessView
2723DWSt. Louis County$150,0007 Bay Auto Repair PRICE REDUCEDView
2722JBMetro St. Louis$300,000Premier St. Louis Catering CompanyView
2721BRSt. Charles Co.$59,000Art Studio/ art space party rental/ Art GalleryView
2720KKSouthern Illinois$450,000Bakery With Real Estate View
2719JBMidwest$2,199,000Recycling & Scrap Yard + Steel Distribution with R/EView
2718RSSt. Louis County$950,000Electrical Service CompanyView
2717RJGreater St Louis Area$91,500Old world Coffee Shop - Turnkey Business for sale!View
2716RSMetro St. Louis$6,199,000Construction RelatedView
2714RSSt. Louis County$805,000Commercial Lawn Care & LandscapingView
2713RJGreater St Louis Area$89,000Floral, Wedding, Event staging Business for sale! Real Estate included. View
2712JBMetro St. Louis$119,000Window Cleaning and Maintenance Service CompanyView
2711SNMetro St. Louis$99,900Sales and Distribution BusinessView
2709BDMetro St. Louis$195,000Trucking Business Serving Over the Road Interstate and Local RoutesView
2707PLMetro St. Louis$175,000Profitable lawn and landscape company for sale.View
2706DKSt. Louis County$49,500Long Established Salon and Day Spa for Sale!View
2704PLMetro St. Louis$60,000Turnkey home health care business.View
2702SNWest County$49,900Turnkey West St Louis County Restaurant - Catering View
2701JBSt. Louis County$990,00012000 sq ft Auto Building Sales Service HIGH TRAFFICView
2700DKMetro St. Louis$79,000Profitable Furniture Consignment Business for Sale! View
2699RSMetro St. Louis$99,000In HOME Marketing Co. Priced to SELLView
2698KKJefferson County$320,000Profitable 24 fitness franchise with 1300 plus members .View
2694KKSouthern Illinois$299,000Southern Illinois BBQ Restaurant and Bar w/REView
2693JBMetro St. Louis$35,000Niche Healthy Food Business or Catering KitchenView
2692SNGreater St Louis Area$399,000Coin Laundry with Additional Revenue Streams Incl. Real EstateView
2691KKMetro St. Louis$1,695,000Restaurant and bar with catering along with large patio with sales over 3.4 million.View
2690DDMidwest$3,900,000 Multiple Location RV Sales and Service with real estate available.View
2685BRWest County$275,000Day Spa/ Day SalonView
2684BRSt. Charles Co.$55,000Ice Cream/ Frozen Treat ShopView
2683KMSt. Louis County$495,000Laundromats. Attended. Real Estate IncludedView
2682DKMetro St. Louis$59,000Long established, respected Dance Studio for sale! View
2681JBSouth County$175,000Well known profitable south county Auto Body shopView
2680BRMidwest$300,000Grocery store with Real Estate included/ Convenience Store/ Liquor Sales/ GamingView
2679RSSt. Charles Co.$115,000Martial Arts Studio Priced to SellView
2678PLMidwest$149,000Forty plus year old manufacturing and distribution business.View
2676BRMidwest$1,850,000Opera house/ Wedding Venue/ Reunion and Hall/ TheaterView
2675DKSt. Louis County$50,000Established Musical Instrument Sales and Rental Store For Sale!View
2674BRMetro St. Louis$59,000Cherokee Street Restaurant/ Bar very nice locationView
2673RJGreater St Louis Area$99,990Well-known, Rave-reviews Carry/Delivery Pizza Shop for sale!View
2672SNSt. Louis County$129,000PRICED BELOW MARKET VALUE - Frozen Treats StoreView
2670JBMetro St. Louis$99,000Banquet Event Center & Catering. Price REDUCED!View
2669RJGreater St Louis Area$45,000Established Vending Route w/Machines for saleView
2667JBMetro St. Louis$39,000Growing Screen & Phone Repair Business GREAT PRICEView
2666RSSt. Louis County$199,000Full Service RestaurantView
2664BRMetro St. Louis$649,000Construction Supplier, Business to Business, Wholesale distributionView
2663KKJBCentral Corridor$240,000Great fine dining restaurant in Clayton with parking REDUCEDView
2661RSSt. Louis County$175,000Home and Business Repair/Remodeling ServiceView
2659DKSt. Charles$49,000Decades old Antique Store in very popular shopping and entertainment destination!View
2657DDNorth County$199,000Tree ServiceView
2656RSSt. Louis County$75,000PRICED TO SELL LAUNDROMAT.View
2655JBMidwest$399,000HIGHLY Profitable Tanning & Spa BusinessView
2653KKDDMidwest$749,000Winery and Brewery with Real Estate Included.View
2650JBMetro St. Louis$39,000Computer Store & IT Company with Growth Potential!View
2648MBSt. Louis County$400,000Dry Cleaning & Laundry SpecialtyView
2644PLMetro St. Louis$45,000PRICE REDUCED! Wholesale and distribution company with eco friendly product line.View
2643SNMetro St. Louis$75,000Car Wash - Incl. Real Estate - SELLER FINANCING View
2640DKSt. Charles Co.$30,000N-COMPASS TV Digital Advertising Franchise Business PRICE REDUCED! View
2639RJIllinois$249,000Profitable Dance Academy/Gym facility for saleView
2636JBMetro St. Louis$275,000Dry Cleaning with Multiple Locations REDUCEDView
2634JBMidwest$1,250,000Boutique Hotel in High Traffic Tourist AreaView
2627PLMetro St. Louis$175,000Flooring company, partial owner financing.View
2624KKSt. Charles Co.$79,000Family owned Home Improvement Company.View
2623PLRelocatable$20,000Internet and event retail business for sale!View
2620JBSt. Louis County$299,000Profitable & Busy Auto Repair Business High TrafficView
2619PLGreater St Louis Area$600,000Profitable and expandable transportation company for sale!View
2618JBMetro St. Louis$1,299,000HIGHLY Profitable Health Care Medical OrganizationView
2617RSBRSt. Charles Co.$49,900SalonView
2616RSSt. Louis County$1,799,000Foundry & Manufacturing Machine ShopView
2615RJMetro St. Louis$299,000Convenience store with Gas RE/includedView
2614JBMetro St. Louis$1,590,000Highly Profitable B2B Cleaning Janitorial ServiceView
2613JBMidwest$2,200,000HIGHLY PROFITABLE Professional Services BusinessView
2609PLGreater St Louis Area$475,000Morgan Street Brewery for sale!View
2604KKWest County$349,000Health food and Vitamin store.View
2603MBMetro St. Louis$125,000Attended Self Serve LaundromatView
2602SNMetro St. Louis$199,000A+ BBB Rated Contracting CompanyView
2598PLMetro St. Louis$425,000Popular St. Louis Italian restaurant that has been around for decades for sale! View
2597BRSt. Charles Co.$69,000SalonView
2592BRMetro St. Louis$2,100,000Grocery Store/ C Store/ LiquorView
2587BDJRMetro St. Louis$299,000Full Service Gym Facility - Owner Absentee View
2583KKIllinois$199,000Newly renovated bar with real estate included in the sale.View
2576RSSt. Charles Co.$149,000PLUMBING COMPANYView
2575JBMetro St. Louis$365,000GREAT LOCATION Bar & Grill w PROFITABLE Gaming w R/EView
2573SWIllinois$160,000Restaurant with Real estate includedView
2570RSFranklin County$50,000Restaurant with Hood and Bar.View
2568MBMetro St. Louis$1,450,000Laundry, Linen Service, Dry cleaningView
2564JBMetro St. Louis$225,000Small Town C-Store with Gas. Real Estate Included!View
2563SWMetro St. Louis$50,000Beautiful Bridal & Prom BoutiqueView
2556SNCentral Illinois$249,900Franchise Service Company - Seller FinancingView
2549BRSt. Charles Co.$179,999Salon High end Clientele. Providing full hair care including Style and color located in major shopping center on major route. View
2548KKSouthern Illinois$610,000 Fully equipped bar and restaurant with banquet center with real estate included in sale price.View
2545SNSt. Louis County$99,000Franchise Service Company - Seller Financing View
2529PLMetro St. Louis$135,000PRICE REDUCED! Thirty plus year old profitable business for sale.View
2524KKIllinois$55,000Franchised Janitorial BusinessView
2520PLGreater St Louis Area$60,000 PRICE REDUCED!! Niche profitable business with tons of potential for growth and expansion.View
2519SNSt. Louis County$349,900Well Known Tutoring Center View
2516SNMetro St. Louis$1,300,000Highly profitable private transportation companyView
2514BRNorth County$199,000Bar/ GrillView
2513JBSt. Charles$50,000Entertainment and event franchise company View
2480RSBRSt. Louis County$330,000Screen Printing / Real estate available View
2465KMGreater St Louis Area$899,000B2B Distribution - Purchase the entire set of territories netting over $300K View
2462JBMetro St. Louis$125,000Banquet Center Restaurant Bar R/E available MOTIVATEDView
2440KKSt. Louis County$70,000Café and catering.View
2438RSSt. Louis County$99,000Priced to SELL! Health and wellness business.View
2421RJGreater St Louis Area$2,600,000Profitable Transportation Co. View
2405RSWest County$20,000LIQUOR STORE $20,000!!View
2364BRSt. Louis County$599,000Minor Auto bodyView
2351BRMetro St. Louis$395,000Automotive serviceView
2334RJRural$194,000Ste. Genevieve Winery/Full Kitchen - Including RE valued at 249kView
2324JBMetro St. Louis$120,000Metro East Restaurant. Lease to OWN Real Estate!View
2288RJMetro St. Louis$89,000Profitable Vending Business View
2287RJRural$395,000Entertainment Venue (Real Estate Included)View
2260PLJefferson County$375,000Forty plus year old auto salvage & sales with property!View
2245RJMetro St. Louis$950,000Automotive oil change shop w/real estateView
1995PLMetro St. Louis$1,690,000Niche auto related business!View
1943PLMetro St. Louis$499,900Profits are way up! Popular, profitable sports bar and restaurant for sale!View
1796JBMidwest$8,700,000Large Successful Midwest Marina for Sale!View